Company Overview

  Shenzhen ZH Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2021 and is a global leading developer and manufacturer of flow battery key materials and equipment. Our goal is to address the industrial pain point of high initial costs for flow batteries by developing revolutionary, low-cost, high-performance key materials, making it a more economical and safer large-scale energy storage solution. This initiative supports the achievement of China's carbon neutrality goals.

  The company has been operating its first assembling line with an annual capacity of hundreds of MWh for flow battery stacks, capable of providing energy storage systems ranging from ten kilowatts to megawatts. This manufacturing line has been awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification. Leveraging co-founder Dr. Xie's nearly 20 years of experience in the US flow battery industry, the company has collaborated with discipline leader Professor Suqin Liu from Central South University of China to develop improved and cost-effective materials, including catalyzed electrodes, non-fluorinated ion exchange membranes, and novel sulfur-iron electrolytes.

  The company has received two rounds of financing from Sequoia China and Yinshan Capital, respectively, used to establish two operational centers in Shenzhen and Changsha. The Shenzhen headquater focuses on energy storage industry study, product market fit, techno-economic analysis and simulation, and marketing. The Changsha technical center is responsible for R&D and manufactuering of flow battery materials and equipment.

  Co-founder and Chef Scientist Dr. Xie holds a bachelor's and master's degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Tsinghua University and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. He has led membrane, electrode and stack development at United Technologies Corporation, the largest fuel cell / flow battery company in the United States, and collaborated with DuPont and 3M to improve fluorinated ion exchange membranes. The technology developed at United Technologies Corporation was licensed to found Vionx Energy based in Boston area, the biggest flow battery manufactuer in the North America. Dr. Xie had led multiple projects funded by the US Department of Energy during his seventeen years of research in flow batteries, among which the high-power-density all-vanadium flow battery project received the 2013 R&D 100 Awards. Dr. Xie has published nearly 20 high impact SCI papers, and holds over 20 US patents and applications.

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