Shenzhen ZH Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2021 and is a global leading developer and manufacturer of flow battery key materials and equipment. Our goal is to address the industrial pain point of high initial costs for flow batteries by developing revolutionary, low-cost, high-performance key materials, making it a more economical and safer large-scale energy storage solution.

Experienced Technical Team

XIE, WEI Chief Scientist /Co-founder Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Materials from Tsinghua University. Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Project leader at the biggest flow battery company in the U.S.,United Technologies Corporation,and received the 2013 R&D 100 Award. Established the largest vanadium battery manufacturer in the United States,Vionx Energy,through technology licensing. Vionx Energy was later acquired by the Canadian vanadium mining company Largo Resources.

LIU, SUQIN Joint development Professor at Central South University, China leading researcher in flow battery area. Collaborated with Panzhihua lron and Steel (Pangang Group) in 2002 to secure the first state-level R&D funding project for flow batteries. Led a national key project in 2017 to develop a 10MW flow battery energy storage system. Starting from 2021,developing advanced electrode, membrane, and electrolyte for ZH Energy, resulting in the rapid demonstration of prototypes. The company possesses full exclusive intellectual property rights.

The technical team at ZH Energy consists of formal members from BYD's battery team, flow battery companies,aqueous battery companies,etc.They possess a strong foundation in battery theory and extensive experience in product development, excelling in battery material research,manufacturing process,stack design,electrolyte optimization, system operation and maintenance.The team plays a critical role in driving the rapid growth of the company's technology and products. Every department head has over a decade of experience in technical development and management,making up the core strength of the company's technical management team.

R&D and Manufacturing Capabilities

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