Electrode & Membrane

Flow battery typically uses porous graphite felt based on polyacrylo nitrile(PAN) precursors as the electrode.The electrode serves as reaction interface for the oxidation-reduction reactions of the electrolytes.ZH Energy has developed a process to load catalyst particles onto graphite felt electrodes firmly,enabling us to offer customized graphite felt electrodes with catalysts for various flow battery techniques.

ELECTRODESParameter Units Value Tensile Strength Vertical MPa 0.09~0.18 Horizontal MPa 0.06~0.20 Elongation at Break Vertical % 4~12 Horizontal % 11~18 Surface Resistivity Ω·m <0.03 Specific Surface Area ㎡/g 2.3~4.4 Porosity % 80~95 Absorption Rate g/g 10~18 Bulk Density g/cm3 0.09~0.11 Fiber Loss Rate % ≤0.3 Ash Content ppm ≤800 Iron Content ppm ≤40 Sulfur Content % <0.002


Our non-fluorinated Ion Exchange Membrane is produced using a proprietary process from low-cost non-fluorinated resins with high ion exchange capacity, which reduces its cost by up to 90% comparing to fluorinated membranes. This product exhibits excellent proton conductivity and vanadium resistance, in addition to its thin thickness, high strength,low swelling ratio,high dimensional stability,and long durability. It can be widely used in various flow battery technologies

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